Raw Dog Food Company (East Anglia) Ltd announces the sale of the business by the principle owner, Ms Lynn Hobbs, to its existing business partners and shareholders.

Raw Dog Food Company (East Anglia) Ltd would like to thank Lynn for her hard work and commitment to the business over the past seven years, supporting our customers and dedicating herself to the welfare of dogs whenever her services have been needed. This announcement is also the opportunity for Lynn to express her sincere thanks to all of our customers and suppliers for their personal encouragement and support throughout the past years.

We are further pleased to announce that Lynn will continue with the business as our principle raw dog food expert, providing nutritional advise and starter guidance to existing and new customers alike. Lynn will be available for consultation to all our customers in person or by telephone. Should you wish to receive support or guidance covering raw dog feeding, please simply book a free appointment either through our website or by telephoning Raw Dog Food Company on 01603 872000

The operation and management of Raw Dog Food Company (East Anglia) Ltd continues to be the responsibility of our Manager Mr. Ashley Roden and his team which remains unchanged. We look forward to continuing to supply our wide range of quality raw dog food products for working dogs to our customers nationwide, through either our retail, delivery and online service platforms.