Archie’s Rabbit Ears with Hair 100G


Air dried Rabbit Ears with Hair are not only a tasty chew, but are also a natural cleanser of the digestive system as the rabbit hair gently brushes away any parasites. With both a firm (air dried skin) and soft (hair) texture, rabbit ears benefit oral health and provide mental engagement for all types of chewers.

Suitable for all breeds from 9 weeks of age. Always supervise the eating of chews and match to your dog’s size and chewing style.

All natural ingredients
Gently air dried
High source of protein
Grain and gluten free
No additives or preservatives

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Archie’s Natural Treats are pure, protein-packed treats and chews loaded with flavour and goodness. The range is gently air dried, ensuring that the natural flavour, aroma and nutritional content remain intact and deliver maximum health benefits to your dog. Archie’s training treats and long-lasting chews come in a variety of proteins that your dog will love!

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