Betsy’s Devine Turkey and Pork (80/10/10) 1KG


Hand prepared, this complete 80/10/10 mince contains British 40% turkey with bone, 40% pork, 10% pork heart, 5% pork liver and 5% pork kidney.

Bone percent may vary between 5% – 15%.

Interesting Fact: This mince was originally released as Betsy’s Christmas Dinner; however, it proved to be so popular (naturally!) that Betsys decided to continue this tasty protein as one of their core range.

No fillers. No additives. All natural.

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Packaged in eco-friendly tubs, Betsy’s Raw Food source meat from the UK and consistently use human grade, high quality meat meaning their product standard and consistency never fluctuates. Betsy’s range is hand prepared using sustainably sourced meat that is grass fed and always super fresh to lock in that flavour our dogs love! Betsy’s range includes single and mixed protein, offal and bone free options and flavours suitable for sensitive tummies and dogs with allergies, Betsy’s is a delicious addition to a variety rich raw diet. Put through a 10MM mincing plate, minces are chunky, textured, full of colour and retain their shape after defrosting. With a commitment to eco-friendly packaging, Betsy’s tubs are compostable with fully recyclable sleeves.

Analytical Constituents: 16.1% Protein; <0.1% Fibre; 68.5% Moisture; 1.2% Ash; 14.55% Fat

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