Betsy’s Just Venison 1KG


A line we’re slowly creating is ‘Just’ Minces, meaning if your dog has certain intolerances or allergies, our just range could be just the thing!

This Venison mince contains no offal, no bone, nothing other than the venison meat itself. Which, by the way, is UK, human grade and a high quality cut of meat.

As always, it’s processed through our chunky 10mm plate meaning the consistency is just spectacular! And it is hand-prepared into our 500g and 1kg compostable tubs with recyclable sleeves.

Analytical Constituents
• 20.1% Protein
• 0.1% Fibre
• 62.2% Moisture
• 0.9% Ash
• 16.90% Fat
Working dog food

Complimentary Raw Dog Food
Composition: British venison (100%).
No additives.

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Weight 1 kg