Betsy’s Lovely Fish and Tripe (Boneless) 1KG


Betsys Lovely Fish and Tripe is just that… lovely! Especially if you love the natural aroma of tripe as much as our dogs do! Hand prepared, this mince is made from 40% beef tripe, 20% salmon, 20% white fish, 10% ox heart, and 10% offal of which is 5% pig liver and 5% ox kidney.

Please note: This mince may contain some bone within the salmon, but not enough to class as an 80:10:10; therefore, you’ll need to couple this up with bone (such as a lamb bone or turkey neck or wing) or balance over a few days.

No fillers. No additives. All natural.

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The fish component of this mince consists of two parts – 20% Atlantic trim of salmon coupled up with 20% of White Fish (specifically Saithe). Fish is a great, easily digestible protein source for dogs and due to the high level of Omega-3 Fatty acids it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to the body.

Beef Tripe is super-stinky and packs a nutritious punch. The beef tripe is sourced by Betsy’s from a not-too-local UK site, fresh, and on the day of slaughter, meaning the quality is like no other.

Packaged in eco-friendly tubs, Betsy’s Raw Food source meat from the UK and consistently use human grade, high quality meat meaning their product standard and consistency never fluctuates. Betsy’s range is hand prepared using sustainably sourced meat that is grass fed and always super fresh to lock in that flavour our dogs love! Betsy’s range includes single and mixed protein, offal and bone free options and flavours suitable for sensitive tummies and dogs with allergies, Betsy’s is a delicious addition to a variety rich raw diet. Put through a 10MM mincing plate, minces are chunky, textured, full of colour and retain their shape after defrosting. With a commitment to eco-friendly packaging, Betsy’s tubs are compostable with fully recyclable sleeves.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 17.2%; Fibre 0.1%; Moisture 71.3%; Ash 0.8%; Fat 12.76%

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