Bulmer Tripe (Boneless, non-complete mince) 454G


Tripe is a boneless mince made from green, unbleached beef tripe. Protein rich, tripe can be served as an occasional non-complete meal and as a nutritious ingredient in DIY raw recipes. Beef tripe is quite high in fat and is helpful for underweight dogs.

Tripe is a wonder-food, containing natural probiotics and gastric juices that aid digestion, food absorption and contains vitamins that aid immunity.  Tripe also contains:

  1. Calcium essential for bone structure and controls muscle and nerve function
  2. Phosphorous aids in the formation of  bones and teeth, supports muscles and aids kidney and heart function
  3. Amino acids including leucine which promotes muscle recovery and repair; proline which support the production of cartilage and heals wounds;
  4. Aspartic acid which boosts antibody production

As tripe is the untreated contents and lining of a ruminating animal’s stomach, it is naturally strong smelling. The smell, texture and colour of tripe varies seasonally as it is determined by diet.

Packaged tightly in chubs, Bulmer minces have a high moisture content with a meaty consistency, and on opening, release a natural, strong aroma.

Available as single 454G chubs and Box of 20 X 454G.


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