Bulmer Economy (Boneless, non-complete mince) 454G


Economy is a boneless, non-complete offal-based mince containing trim and offal. The primary offal ingredient is beef lung, which is low in fat and high in protein. Can be served as a non-complete meal or as an iongredient in DIY raw recipes.

Lean beef lungs are a muscular organ and are a nutritious source of high quality protein, selenium – an essental antioxidant, and iron – vital for bodily function and provides oxygen to organs and muscles.

Packaged tightly in chubs, Bulmer non-complete minces have a high moisture content with a meaty consistency, and on opening, release a natural, strong aroma.

Available as single 454G chubs and Box of 20 X 454G.


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454g, Box of 20, 5 Boxes of 20