Dougie’s Variety Box of Completes 80/10/10 (24 X 560G)


Variety Boxes offer a convenient way to shop, and are an easy way to include a variety of mince flavours in your dog’s raw feed.

Dougie’s Variety Box of Completes contains a mixed selection of 24 complete 80/10/10 mince flavours, with each 560G pack containing 4 individual portions weighing 140G. The selection may include both single and mixed protein mince flavours, and may vary according to seasonal availability.

The Dougie’s Variety Box of Completes may include the following mince flavours Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit, Turkey, Chicken & Pork, Chicken & Salmon, and Turkey & Oily Fish.


Dougie, a cocker spaniel born and bred in the Yorkshire Dales, is the inspiration behind Dougie’s natural raw food range. With over 20 years in the industry, Dougie’s tasty recipes and high-quality minces frozen into blocks make the process of raw feeding easy and convenient.

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Weight 12.32 kg