Drool Natural Treat Box

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Awesome value for money with up to 20 tasty Drool treats! So why not treat your dog everyday?

A nutritious treat box containing Drool favourites that may include a selection of treats from Pig Ears, Puffed Snout, Venison Sticks, Dried Sprats, Chicken Feet, Beef Pieces, Cow Hoof, Black Pudding Slices, Liver Sausages, Cut Antlers, Sausage Rolls, Bulls Pizzle, Meaty Sticks, British Tripe, Venison Skins and Buffalo Horn.

Note: The contents of each Natural Treat Box varies.

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Drool Dog Treats


Made using completely natural ingredients, the Drool range is full of flavour and health benefits that your dog will drool over when they hear you say, “treat!”.

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Drool Dog Treats