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Manuka Honey

Available in 30+ and 300+ versions

Nelson Honey Manuka Honey is renowned for its distinct flavour and special aroma. It contains independently tested levels of methylglyoxal. The 30+ icon or the 300+ icon on the pack indicates a minimum of 30mg/kg (or 300 in the 300+ option)  of methylglyoxal (MG), the key marker that best demonstrates the quality and purity of genuine manuka honey.

Nelson Manuka Honey (Multifloral) is sourced from pure, clean and unpopulated natural environments in remote parts of the top of the South Island of New Zealand – free of pollution, chemicals and other contaminants. Manuka honey is collected by our honeybees from the Manuka flower. The honeybees collect and transform the nectar of the Manuka plant into honey.

  • 30+ MG is a maintenance grade honey (for those with a healthy immune system) and should be taken every day to help keep your immune system topped up.
  • 300+ MG is our highest grade honey used to help strengthen your immune system when it needs it most. This high-grade honey can also be used for topical applications such as burns, ulcers or open wounds
  • Tested and Certified as 100% pure New Zealand multi-floral Manuka Honey by an accredited NZ Laboratory to meet MPI Government-regulated Manuka Honey standards.
  • MG (Methylglyoxal) is derived from DHA which occurs naturally in the nectar of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium).
  • Methylglyoxal displays antimicrobial properties that can be related to the killing of bacteria.
  • 250g and 500g options

In summary, use the 30+ for day to day use and the 300+ for times when the extra power of Manuka is needed such as times of illness and recoup ration and for treating topically for wounds and other skin issues


  • Using 30+ daily feed with food or on its own
  • Using the 300+ feed with food or on lt’s own and/or apply a small amount topically as needed to the effected area
  • Dosage will depend on the size of dog. As a guide use ¼ of a tea spoon per 5kg of body weight. When applying topically use the end of your finder and apply a thin layer to the effected area

100% New Zealand Manuka Honey – This product is a Hunan grade product and is human edible.

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