Herbal Dog Co. Colloidal Silver Spray 100ml


It is only natural for a fit & healthy dog to want to roam free & this can lead to scrapes & cuts. Colloidal Silver Spray can be a great addition to the first aid kits of pet owners.

This is a liquid has been used for hundreds of years in applying to open cuts, grazes, burns & different types of skin abrasions. It contains submicroscopic silver particles that are suspended in the liquid base, making this product more advanced than standard silver spray, due to the ability of these tiny particles to penetrate cells.

We guarantee that this colloidal silver spray contains no undesirable substances such as chemicals or palm oil. It is applied to the area, and if your dog happens to lick it off, just reapply!

Our hand blended preparation is powerful & effective in supporting the health of your dog’s skin hygiene while being gentle on healthy skin.

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