Jaspers Choice Beef Biscotti 100g


Developed to support natural feeding for puppies right from the very beginning, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Beef Biscotti is part of a new tailor-made range of 100% natural treats for all puppies, containing only real grass-fed Irish cow lung of the finest quality.

Designed for smaller mouths, and developed with the delicate digestive systems of puppy’s in mind, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Beef Biscotti provides a completely natural, healthy and nutrient-rich treat that not only supports natural canine feeding, but also provides essential nutrition to support the healthy growth and development of your new family member. Containing nothing more than 100% natural beef lung in chunks for satisfying crunching and chewing for young pups, these yummy organ meat treats have been simply air dried, preserving all the natural nutrition within. This means your pup gets a healthy dose of important nutrients with every bite, including essential protein and amino acids to support healthy growth and development, as well as essential minerals such as copper, riboflavin, potassium, zinc, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, supporting various aspects of your pet’s health at all lifestages.

An ideal snack for all breeds and ages, perfectly sized for smaller mouths and a more tender, crunchy treat than most natural options, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Beef Biscotti is almost fat-free, great for promoting healthy weight while delivering an irresistible, healthy treat they’ll love the taste of.  Beef lung features a gentle aroma, great for fussy dogs that may not like smelly treats, and due to their more tender form they can also be easily broken up into training treats or just for rewarding, ideal for cats and dogs alike! Easy to chew, they’re great for developing puppy teeth and feline teeth, as well as senior teeth that become naturally weaker with age.  Containing only the finest EU sourced beef lung, they’re great for daily feeding to help maintain good health and wellbeing while supporting healthy growth and development for your new member of the family.

  • Delicious, all natural 100% beef lung
  • Simply air dried to lock in natural nutrition, scent, texture and flavour
  • Delivers an irresistibly crunchy, meaty treat dogs and cats love
  • Perfect for breaking up or feeding whole, suitable for all breeds
  • A great option for dogs with weaker or developing teeth, with a softer, more tender consistency
  • Perfect for supporting natural feeding, delivering a 100% natural chew as nature intended
  • Suitable for all lifestages, from puppy to senior dogs
  • ZERO NASTIES – No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Grain, gluten and lactose free, ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies
  • Rich in protein supporting strong, lean muscles
  • Low in fat supporting healthy weight
  • A great addition to any healthy and balanced diet
  • Tailored to the bite-size and needs of puppies, perfect for training or rewarding
  • Easy to digest, ideal for delicate puppy digestive systems
  • Convenient resealable pack to retain freshness
  • Hand-bagged in the UK by the Jaspers Choice team, ensuring quality in every bag

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