Jaspers Choice Puppy Mini Mix 100g


An irresistible variety pack bursting with delicious, safe and healthy treats for all lifestages and breeds from puppies to seniors, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Mini Mix delivers a great selection of all natural snacks for your dog, supporting natural feeding and optimum condition right from the very beginning.

Part of the tailor-made range of 100% natural treats for all breeds and ages, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Mini Mix contains a yummy selection of all natural, simply air dried beef, chicken and venison snacks, great for daily treating or rewarding and for using alongside training to encourage good behaviour. Perfect for ensuring variety in your pup’s diet delivering a variety of nutrients with every bite, this yummy selection is a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet, supporting natural feeding while helping to give your pup the very best start in life. Each bag contains:

  • Beef Lung – From grass-fed Irish cows to ensure the finest quality and nutrition. Provides a rich source of essential minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, potassium, zinc and copper, and lean protein supporting healthy growth and development
  • Chicken Hearts – Provides a rich source of essential fatty acids, taurine and protein, as well as essential minerals, supporting all round canine and feline health, including healthy skin and coat condition, heart health, immunity and muscle mass
  • Venison Haunch – Low in fat and cholesterol, delivering a great source of B vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Phosphorus and Iron.  Provides essential energy and provides impeccable flavour most dogs love.  It’s also a novel protein, which may help to reduce allergens and skin irritations for those with sensitivities.

Made with only 100% natural, EU sourced meat of the finest quality, Jaspers Choice PUPPY POWER Mini Mix is sure to become a household favourite, and contains ZERO nasties just like the rest of the range. Hand bagged in the UK to ensure only the best produce in every bag, these delicious treats are bursting with goodness, and have been designed with puppies in mind ensuring a healthy, safe, highly palatable and nutrient-rich treat that supports healthy growth and development into adulthood.  They’re also great for dental health, offering a variety of treats and textures they’ll not only love, but also keep their teeth clean and healthy.  They’re flavoursome, highly satisfying and 100% digestible, ensuring only the best of for your pup at treat time every day.

  • Delicious, all natural meat treats for puppies and small dogs
  • Perfect for training, made with only 100% real meat of the finest EU quality, simply air dried to lock in natural nutrition, scent, texture and flavour
  • Three delicious treats in every bag, including:
    • Beef Lung
    • Chicken Hearts
    • Venison Haunch
  • Delivers an irresistible variety of flavours, textures and nutrients great for satisfying and keeping your pup happy and healthy
  • Rich in flavour and nutrients, satisfying chewing instincts, helping to prevent boredom and supporting good health
  • Perfect for supporting natural feeding, delivering a 100% natural treat every day as nature intended
  • Suitable for all lifestages, from puppy to senior dogs
  • ZERO NASTIES – No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Grain, gluten and lactose free, ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies
  • Rich in protein supporting strong, lean muscles
  • Easy to digest and 100% digestible, ideal for delicate puppy digestive systems
  • Convenient resealable pack to retain freshness
  • Hand-bagged in the UK by the Jaspers Choice team, ensuring quality in every bag

Composition: 33% Venison Haunch, 33% Grass Fed Irish Cow Lung, 33% Free Range Chicken Hearts.

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