MVM Chicken Chunks (Boneless) 1KG


Meaty, boneless chicken chunks contain 100% human grade chicken. Cut into convenient portions, bone free chicken chunks are a delicious ingredient in DIY raw recipes or serve as a nutritious, flavourful treat.

Lean chicken is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, important for healthy skin and lustrous coat, and is a source of glucosamine essential for joint and bone health.

Chunks satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chomp and chew. Chewing on chunks, not only massages gums and cleans teeth, but also releases endorphins in the brain and nervous system, making dog’s quite simply content and happy.

The MVM range is sourced from their own farm and onsite abattoir.

Chicken Chunks are packaged in a 1KG plastic bag.

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Weight 1 kg