MVM Hare & Goose Dinner 80/10/10 454G


Hare & Goose Dinner is a complete mince containing 80% hare and goose blend, 10% bone and 10% offal. This two-protein mince is a great way of adding variety to your dog’s diet, and both proteins are excellent sources of energy needed for active sporting and working dogs.

MVM “Dinner” range are complete minces following the 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal ratio. Complete 80/10/10 minces are integral to a raw diet as they contain a balanced, nutritious blend of protein, organs and bone, essential for the health and well-being of your dog.

A game protein, hare is an excellent source of the B vitamins, B12 and niacin, essential for growth, skin and coat condition, as well as nerve and muscle function. Hare has a rich, gamey flavour your dog will love. Goose is a good source of riboflavin and vitamin B-6, essential for transferring food to energy, and is therefore excellent for active, sporting and working dogs. Ground bone maintains healthy teeth and gums, provides calcium for bone development, and roughage to gently firm stools allowing the anal sacs to be fully emptied. Made from organ meat, including 5% liver, as well as 5% of other secreting organs, such as kidney, spleen, pancreas, brain or testicles, offal is highly nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, and is a natural internal cleanser for your dog.

MVM complete minces have a smooth to medium consistency, and release easily from the plastic sleeve.

The MVM range is sourced from their own farm and prepared at their onsite abattoir. MVM minces are made using human grade quality proteins, and are 100% natural containing no added water, grains or hidden ingredients.

MVM Hare & Goose Dinner is available as 454G sticks and Box of 24 X 454G.

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