MVM Minced Rabbit with Fur (up to 10% Bone) 250G


Minced Rabbit with Fur contains approximately 10% bone, and can be used as a flavourful non-complete meal and as an ingredient in DIY raw recipes.

Rabbit is a novel protein and is good for dogs with sensitivities or allergies. Lean rabbit is an excellent source of vitamin B12 essential for the nervous system, is low in cholesterol, and full of healthy fats helpful for joint lubrication, as well as coat and skin condition. Rabbit has the highest protein ratio (compared to other proteins), which benefits muscular health and contains essential amino acids necessary for tissue repair as well as boosting the immune system. Rabbit fur is a source of fibre necessary for the healthy formation and release of stools. As fur is indigestible, it brushes through the digestive tract essentially cleaning it. This cleaning action of fur benefits nutrient absorption, as well as the removal of any parasites in the digestive system. Ground bone maintains healthy teeth and gums, provides calcium for bone development, and roughage to gently firm stools allowing the anal sacs to be fully emptied.

MVM non-complete minces with bone have a smooth to medium consistency, and release easily from the plastic sleeve.

The MVM range is sourced from their own farm and prepared at their onsite abattoir. MVM minces are made using human grade quality proteins, and are 100% natural containing no added water, grains or hidden ingredients.

MVM Minced Rabbit with Fur come as a compact 250G chub.

Product may contain shot.

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