MVM Mixed Meaty Boneless Mince (Box of 24 x 454G)


A true favourite amongst raw feeders,  Mixed Meaty Boneless Mince is just as the label describes, a lucky dip range of boneless meaty minces. A great way to add variety to your dog’s palette and bowl, this mix contains a selection of non-complete minces including chicken, lamb, beef, pork and tripe. The exciting part for your dog is that you don’t know what specific minces are in the box until you open it!

MVM non-complete boneless minces have a smooth to medium consistency, and release easily from the plastic sleeve.

The MVM range is sourced from their own farm and prepared at their onsite abattoir. MVM minces are made using human grade quality proteins, and are 100% natural containing no added water, grains or hidden ingredients.

MVM Mixed Meaty Boneless Mince is sold only as a Box of 24 X 454G.

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