Phytoforce Salmon Oil 360ml


Salmon Oil.
Why Chose Phytoforce Salmon Oil? and why your current fish oil product is probably not providing all the benefits it should.

Because Fish Oils impart many of their benefits by acting as antioxidants and if you are using bottles that allow your oil come in contact with air you are losing all those benefits.. interested? Read on..

The health benefits of fish oils are now widely accepted and I am sure most of you are already giving them to your pets, and taking them yourselves.In brief fish oils contain omega 3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the two most widely researched to date. Maintaining the balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats in our bodies is one of the important factors in reducing inflammation. Western processed diets high in cereals result in high levels of Omega 6’s so it is important to supplement with Omega3’s, or eat lots of fish. EPA also has a direct anti inflammatory action by blocking the arachidonic acid (AA) pathway which is what makes fish oil so effective for joint pain. Fish oils have been shown to benefit joints, eyes, skin, brain and kidneys and also to help with healthy ageing by reducing cognitive decline. Fish oils are highly unstable by their nature and rapidly oxidise (i.e. become rancid) in contact with air. Once oxidised (rancid) they can no longer impart that antioxidant effect when taken. A bottle of salmon oil will oxidise within a week of opening or less. Pump topped bottles will do the same as air is sucked back into the bottle as you use the product. Our unique airless pouches ensure that our oil stays fresh and fully active to the last drop!

Directions : Dogs upto 12kgs  give one pump twice daily in food, Dogs from 13kg to 25 kg give 2 pumps twice daily in food and dogs over 25 kgs get 3 pumps twice daily in food. Much larger dogs eg 50kg+ may require 4 pumps twice daily but start them on 3 pumps twice daily for 10-14 days only increasing if necessary. The unique foil pouch ensures activity is maintained throughout extended periods of use.

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