TLI Beef Knuckle Bone (approximately 1KG)


Chunky beef knuckle bones are a delicious occasional treat. Once the nutritious surrounding cartilage, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, have been eaten from around the bone, throw the actual bone away as it is a weight-bearing leg bone and is too hard on a dog’s teeth and jaw. 

Raw, meaty bones satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chomp and chew. Chewing on bones, not only massages gums and clean teeth, but also releases endorphins in the brain and nervous system, making dog’s quite simply, content and happy.

TLI Beef Knuckle Bones packaged in plastic bags and weigh approximately 1KG.

Please note, for a dog’s optimum health feed a variety of meaty bones, and always supervise the eating bones.


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Weight 1 kg