ProDog Raw Exotics Complete Pheasant (Offal free) 500G


Pheasant is an exceptionally nutritionally rich, lean novel protein. As a game bird pheasants roam free and have access to an abundance of grass, nuts, seeds and berries making their meat low fat, highly nutritious and super-tasty.

A single protein mince, Exotics Complete Pheasant is offal free, and is made with 90% pheasant meat of which is approximately 10% ground pheasant bone, 8.3% seasonal green vegetables, 0.5% kelp, 0.5% flaxseed oil, 0.5% hemp oil and 0.2% chicory root.

May contain shot.

Suitable for dogs 24 weeks plus.

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ProDog Raw are on a mission to help dog owners feed as clean and close to nature as possible, easily and affordably. Their award-winning products use fresh, human-quality proteins from DEFRA approved and British Farm certified sources. Endorsed by veterinary professionals, ProDog Raw is expertly formulated and delivers a variety of delicious recipes to meet your dog’s unique nutritional needs.

ProDog Exotics Complete Formula are novel protein complete meals made with a blend of quality, ethically sourced wild fresh meat, ground bone, packed with seasonal greens, kelp, chicory root and infused with the best quality flax seed and hemp oil. The Exotic Formula is ideal for dogs with intolerances or sensitivities to more commonly farmed meats.

Made using double 10MM mincing plates, ProDog Exotics Complete Formula come in a 500G environmentally conscious tub made from 100% recyclable plastic.

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