Southcliffe (Green) Tripe Mince (Lamb; boneless) 454G


Green Tripe Mince is a boneless mince made with 100% British lamb tripe. Lamb tripe is lower in fat compared to ox tripe.

Tripe is a nutritious organ meat and is known as a superfood for dogs as it benefits digestion, boosts the immune system, assists in building healthy muscle and supports skin and coat condition.

Green tripe means that it is tripe in it’s natural state, and has not been processed or bleached.

Available as 454G plastic pack and Box of 20 X 454G.

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Analytical Constituents: Moisture: 65.1%; Crude Fats and Oils: 14.8%; Crude Protein: 14.4%; Crude Ash: 3.7% (Crude Ash refers to the mineral content present); Crude Fibres: 0.3%

Based in Derbyshire, Southcliffe Pet Foods produce all their product ranges from their own factory, using Human Grade Quality raw ingredients sourced from throughout the UK. Packed in easy to use plastic packs, their non-complete minces have a moist and textured consistency.

Southcliffe Pet Foods has Red Tractor seal of quality and approval.

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