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A convenient way to purchase your raw dog food!

A variety box of complete 80/10/10 mixed minces containing a mix of 14 different brands and mince flavours. Complete minces contain a blend of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

As the variety box mix is picked at random the selection may include both single and mixed protein complete minces.

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Raw Dog Food Company Variety Box of Completes contains a selection of 14 complete minces from our expansive range of brands and protein flavours.

Brands in this variety box may include Southcliffe (454G), The Dog’s Butcher (1KG), The Raw Factory (1KG) and MVM (454G), and may contain a variety of single and mixed protein flavours including beef, turkey, duck, chicken, lamb, oily fish, pork, salmon, tripe, offal, heart, liver and mixed meat minces.

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