TRF Lamb Tripe (Boneless) 1KG


Low in fat, 100% lamb tripe is a boneless mince. Feed as an occasional non-complete meal, as well as a nutritious ingredient in DIY raw recipes.

Tripe is true superfood – not only for its tremendous gastro-intestinal benefits, but can also be fed to encourage fussy eaters and mixed 50/50 when introducing a new protein to your dog’s raw diet.

Available as individual 1KG sealed plastic bags and Box of 8 X 1KG.

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Low in fat and full of flavour, green tripe is a wonder food, containing natural probiotics and gastric juices that aid digestion, food absorption, as well as vitamins that support immunity. As tripe is the untreated contents of a ruminating animal’s stomach or intestines, it has a natural, distinct aroma, which varies seasonally determined by the animal’s diet.

The Raw Factory minces are textured, moist (not wet) and retain their shape when defrosted. Even when frozen, the minces break apart conveniently into portions. Minces move easily within the packaging, allowing for flexibility in refrigeration and storage, as well as ease of defrosting.

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