TRF Tripe Chunks 1KG


These 100% tripe chunks (made with beef tripe) are boneless and cut into convenient portions. Tripe chunks may be used as a nutritious ingredient in DIY raw recipes or as a nutritious treat

Low in fat and full of flavour, green tripe is a wonder food, containing natural probiotics and gastric juices that aid digestion, food absorption, as well as vitamins that support immunity. As tripe is the untreated contents of a ruminating animal’s stomach or intestines, it has a natural, distinct aroma, which varies seasonally determined by the animal’s diet.

Raw, meaty chunks satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chomp and chew. Chewing on chunks, not only massages gums and clean teeth, but also releases endorphins in the brain and nervous system, making dog’s quite simply content and happy.

The Raw Factory Chunks are packaged in 1KG sealed plastic bags holding 5 individually sized portions.


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