TLI Chicken, Bone & Vegetables (Offal Free) 10KG


Mince with 80% chicken mince, 10% bone and 10% vegetables including carrot, sweet potato and spinach. This mince is offal free, and is therefore suitable for dogs who cannot have offal.

Comes as 20 X hand cut, unwrapped, individual frozen portions weighing 10KG in total. (Each block is approximately the size of half a house brick).

TLI minces have a chunky and coarse texture, and suitable for both dogs and cats from 8 weeks of age. Please note, as this mince is offal free, if feeding to cats, add additional offal ingredients.

Analytical Constituents(p/110g): Moisture (loss on drying) 67.7%, Protein 22.6%, Total Fat 12.9%, Ash 0.8%, Total Carbohydrate <0.1%. Energy Value 862 kj/100g, Energy Value 207 kcal/100g, Crude Fibre 1.3 g/100g.

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TLI minces are conveniently frozen in meaty portions, making the range suitable for all raw feeders, especially those who like the ease of thawing portions as needed.

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Weight 10 kg


They Love It

Founded in 2011, They Love It (TLI) is a family run business with over 30 years’ experience in the Poultry and Butchery industries. TLI have taken this knowledge and developed their range of raw dog food utilising fresh ingredients from human grade facilities. TLI minces are blended using 100% all natural and traceable ingredients.

they love it