Terms & Conditions

  • Orders can be placed either through the Raw Dog Food Company web site or at the till of our retail outlet. Payment for orders is accepted using valid credit and debit cards owned and in possession of the attendant buyer. For retail locations only, cash maybe accepted, dependant on Covid19 restrictions instigated by Raw Dog Food Company for the protection of our customers and staff (please check with your Raw Dog Food Company premises in advance to ascertain if cash is acceptable at any given time).
  • Orders placed on a click and collect basis are generally packed and made available for collection within 24 hours of order placement. The 24 hour period is calculated for consecutive working days only. If the click and collect order is placed on a Saturday the 24 hour period is considered to be the next working day, namely the next Monday (with the exception of Bank Holidays, for which a further 24 hour period must be added).
  • Orders are only ready for collection once the buyer has received notification by email that their order is packed and ready for collection. To avoid a wasted journey please wait for the receipt of your email confirmation that goods are now available for collection.
  • On receipt of the notification of availability for collection, the buyer has 7 working days to collect the goods.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email that your order is ready for collection (see above specified time description), then please check your junk mail and if not found, please contact RDFC by telephone quoting your name and order number. (The order number is found on your order acknowledgement).
  • Orders for click and collect are packed on a first come first served basis.
  • Products for click and collect orders are provided in recycled cardboard boxes, however the buyer may choose to have these products transferred into bags or vehicles as required.
  • Once sold no goods can be taken back into stock and refunded to comply with Trading Standards and Frozen Food Supply Chain regulations, requiring that products cannot be returned into the supply chain. Goods can only be returned if found to be faulty, at which time they will be destroyed.

Ordering – Delivery Service

  • Using Raw Dog Food Company website to order, delivery method options will be presented from which the purchaser may select their preferred choice.
  • Each delivery option provides delivery dates specific to the mode of transport, and can be selected accordingly.
  • Each delivery method has a differing cost/charge dependant on method of delivery (example Express or Standard Delivery).
  • In all instances, the purchaser should provide an accurate delivery address and any associated information required to ensure Raw Dog Food Company and/or its subcontractors has the best opportunity to accurately deliver the goods to the correct location.
  • When selecting the Express Services delivery option, Raw Dog Food Company packs the goods as effectively as possible to retain the goods as frozen for a period of 24 – 48 hours from despatch from its premises. There is no guarantee due to the prevailing climatic conditions the goods will remain frozen until delivery receipt although Raw Dog Food Company makes every effort they remain so at time of despatch.
  • Orders identified as Express orders will be sent out in cardboard boxes designed to provide a thermal barrier between the products and the outside of the box. This method of packaging allows the products to remain insulated for a reasonable period, estimated to be between 24 – 48 hours.
  • This 24 – 48 hour period can be reduced if inclement weather and summer temperatures impose a speeding up of the thawing process. In the event of the occasional and partial thawing of products during this 24 – 48 hour period, please immediately place goods in a freezer to avoid spoiling. It is quite safe to refreeze meat products if required but only if they have not been spoiled.
  • In the event that goods arrive spoilt in an Express delivery, either on the specified delivery date or thereafter, Raw Dog Food Company cannot accept any liability.
  • If goods arrive later than the due date and are spoilt, Raw Dog Food Company cannot accept any liability as subcontractors are used for this freight purpose. Insurance is available to protect against this unlikely possibility and can be selected during the check out process.
  • Insurance – Raw Dog Food Company offer this insurance against late delivery (late delivery being identified as a date 24 hours or later than the due date selected by the purchaser, and is only relevant if goods have been proven to have spoilt). This insurance must be selected and paid for during the order process, when available.
  • If the insurance option is selected and paid for by the purchaser, the total cost of the products (less the cost of carriage) will be refunded to the customer if goods are either lost, or can be demonstrated to have been delivered by the Express delivery later than selected and are proven to be spoilt. Any claim must be made within 48 hours of the selected due date and should provide photographic evidence of spoiling of all goods. This refund will be made within 5 working days of confirmation of fact.
  • This insurance is not offered for standard delivery as this service is carried out by Raw Dog Food Company and we take full responsibility for timely delivery of unspoilt goods.
  • There are minimum weights and or order values selected for various types of product and methods of delivery. We reserve the right to set and amend these minimum values to provide our customers the most efficient and cost-effective method of ordering and delivery.
  • There is a minimum order value of £20.00 for Standard Delivery and  £35.00 for Express Delivery.
  • Express orders must be a minimum 10 kilograms in weight of raw meat products to ensure goods can retain a minimum thermal mass and temperature, aimed to retain the goods as frozen during transit. We strongly recommend that our customers ordering raw food by Express next day delivery take this into account and ensure the total weight of goods ordered is greater than 10kg. Raw Dog Food Company cannot accept any liability for defrosted orders that weigh less than 10kg even if they arrive within the designated time frame.
  • Raw Dog Food Company confirm and agree that all goods supplied will have between 1 month and 12 months validity at time of collection or delivery. Please contact Raw Dog Food Company for details of provision of validity for each product line via info@rawdogfoodcompany.co.uk .  In any correspondence on this subject please indicate which items you require confirmation of product validity.
  • Products are received, stored and prepared for despatch by Raw Dog Food Company, having maintained the goods at -18C throughout the supply chain, and in line with recommendations and requirements of DEFRA.
  • All goods are offered subject to availability.

All information contained online is correct at the time of publishing. Changes may occur from time to time. Only non-perishable products that are either damaged, faulty or sent in error, can be returned for a refund. The product or products must remain unused and be complete in their original packaging to be applicable for a refund. Upon receipt of any returned goods, established as being in the above described good condition by Raw Dog Food Company, will a refund be issued. Issuing of a refund may take up to five working days to be credited to the customers bank account.

Raw Dog Food Company, Dereham – Click and Collect Location

Raw Dog Food Company provides its customers with a second convenient location from which to receive their click and collect orders:

The location address is:

Raw Dog Food Company / Pawsh Dogs

56 Swaffham Road,
NR19 2DL

Tel: 01362 422534
Mob: 07904148115

For customers wishing to use this location additional terms and conditions apply, specifically:

  1. The Click and collect option of Dereham is available to customers on a first come first served basis for any specific collection period.
  2. During the online purchase process, Raw Dog Food Company customers have the option to select a specific week during which they wish to collect their goods from this location. These specific week periods are identified during the online purchase process for customers to choose from.
  3. Orders placed for Click and Collect are available for collection between a Tuesday through to Friday period from the Dereham location.

The operating hours for Dereham click and collect are:

Tuesday          9am to 5:30pm
Wednesday    9am to 5:30pm
Thursday        9am to 5:30pm
Friday              9am to 5:30pm

  1. Goods ordered for collection from Dereham are available to collect Tuesday to Friday during above opening hours. Goods not collected by 5.30PM Friday from the Dereham location will be returned to Raw Dog Food Company, Taverham.
  2. Orders not collected from the Dereham location within the selected time frame (Tuesday to Friday) are subject to a handling fee of £3.00 prior to the rearrangement of collection.