Texture GuideS

Unique to Raw Dog Food Company, Texture Guides are helpful videos illustrating the different consistencies and textures of the raw mince brands we proudly stock.

Mince texture is created by the type of mincing plate and ingredients used in production, and can range from meaty and chunky to fine and smooth. We recommend feeding your dog a variety of textures and mince consistencies.

Click on each brand logo and discover which texture best suits your dog’s palate.

Southcliffe Raw Dog Food

Southcliffe Texture

The Raw Factory Raw Dog Food

The Raw Factory Texture

The Dogs Butcher Raw Dog Food

The Dogs Butcher Texture

Nutriment Raw Dog Food

Nutriment Texture

Natures Menu Raw Dog Food

Natures Menu Texture

Manifold Valley Meats Raw Dog Food

MVM Texture

Durham Animal Feeds Raw Dog Food

DAF Texture

Durham Animal Feeds Raw Dog Food

Cotswold Texture

Betsys Raw Dog Food

Betsy’s Texture

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