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The health benefits of feeding raw

Glossier Coat and Healthier Skin Condition

All natural, raw dog food nourishes coat and skin condition, unlike highly processed foods that can lead to yeast infections and skin irritations.

Efficient Digestion

A natural carnivore, the PH levels in a dog’s stomach are designed to break down protein and bone – a raw diet supports healthy gut bacteria that aids digestion.

Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Highly processed dog food contains fillers, additives and preservatives that offer absolutely no nutritional value and result in large, foul smelling stools. Raw dog food contains nutrients in their natural state – every raw meaty bone, as well as muscle and organ meat your dog eats is direct nutrition and is readily absorbed, resulting in smaller, firmer, easier to release and less smelly stools.

Oral Hygiene

It’s a dog’s natural instinct to chomp and chew, and this benefits overall dental health including cleaner teeth, healthy gums and fresher breath.

Strong Bones and Supple Joints

The natural ingredients in a raw diet contain nutrients and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin which promote healthy joints and bones, and support greater mobility.

Benefits of Raw Feeding
Mental Stimulation

Chewing and gnawing provides not only dental benefits, but also aids mental well-being, as a dog is engaged, curious and stimulated by the natural aroma, taste and texture of raw food.

Boosted Immune System

Raw meat naturally contains immune strengthening nutrients and ingredients, such as essential fatty acids, trace elements, marrow and cartilage that reduce inflammatory conditions and aid in fighting infections.

Weight Management

Poor quality food can cause your dog to eat more just to feel full. Overweight dogs have a greater disposition to health issues such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer. High quality, human grade raw dog food is a completely natural diet that helps maintain healthy weight and combats obesity.

Consistent Temperament

The natural goodness of raw benefits a contented demeanour, stable temperament and sustained attention, as a dog is nourished and nurtured by what they are biologically designed to eat, rather than irritated by refined carbohydrates, synthetic nutrients, additives and chemicals found in dry or canned dog food.

Reduction in Irritations and Allergies

Highly processed foods containing synthetic vitamins and minerals can cause allergies and irritations, as it messes with your dog’s friendly gut bacteria in their gastro-intestinal tract. The natural properties of raw dog food are key in fighting allergies as raw diets are easily absorbed and provide a solid foundation of health.

Why should I change my dog to raw?

why should I raw feed my dog


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