Naked Dog Original 85:15 Beef 1KG


85% meat including offal and bone, of which is approximately 7%, and 15% plant nutrition.

85:15 mince blended with beef heart (40%), turkey with bone, tripe, beef kidney, beef liver, carrot, butternut squash, seasonal greens, blueberry, salmon oil, kelp and wheatgrass.

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Analytical Constituents: Moisture 72%, Protein 14.6%, Fat 9.2%, Ash 3%, Fibre 0.9%

Defrost overnight in the fridge, the raw food will last for 4 days this way. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

The range that started it all! Naked Dog Original 85:15 raw dog food range is packed full of essential proteins and nutrients to give your dog everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t!


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Naked Dog

Naked Dog is an independent, family-owned business creating raw meals especially for dogs. With the knowledge and expertise 50 years in the meat trade brings, Naked Dog is founded on the belief that human grade quality meat is the finest ingredient that our dogs need and deserve.