TLI Turkey Mince (Boneless) 10KG


Finely minced boneless turkey mince is a non-complete mince perfect for DIY raw recipes. This mince is also
suitable for weaning puppies as it has no bone content.

Please Note: This product has been mechanically deboned and has the texture of a paste not a mince as it is filtered through a fine 1MM press to remove every trace of bone.

Cut into 10 individual portions each weighing approximately 416G with a total product weight of 10KG.

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Based in Essex, They Love It (TLI) have over 30 years’ experience in poultry and butchery, and
have developed their range of raw dog food utilising fresh ingredients from human grade factories. Made from 100% natural Ingredients, the TLI range includes completes, minces boosted with vegetables, non-completes and meaty chunks and bones. DEFRA approved, TLI raw meats come with full traceability, and are free from artificial colourings and flavourings, additives and preservatives, salt and sugar, cereal and wheat, as well as free from rendered meat, fats or oils. As minces are conveniently frozen in meaty portions, the TLI range is suitable for all raw feeders, especially households with multiple dogs and those who make their DIY raw recipes.

Analytical Constituents: MOISTURE 60 – 70%; FAT Average 17%; PROTEIN 14%-17%; ASH < 1.5%

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Weight 10 kg