Hear Me Raw Lamb & Tripe 80:10:10 454g


80% lamb meat and beef tripe with 10% ground turkey bone and 10% lamb offal, of which is liver and kidney.

Analytical Constituents: Moisture 70.8%, Protein 15.4%, Oils + Fat 12.7%, Ash 2.5%.

Minced to 10mm, Hear Me Raw minces have a meaty, moist consistency and come in convenient 454g pouches.

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Once defrosted, mince must be kept covered and stored refrigerated. Feed within 3 days. After handling this raw product, wash and clean hands, all utensils and surfaces.

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Hear Me Raw

Hailing from Staffordshire, Hear Me Raw was founded on the belief that a species appropriate diet is the best way to keep your dog healthy and happy. Their high protein minces are made using human grade quality meat and fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
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