DAF Chicken Dinner 500G


Chicken Dinner is made with 75% chicken cuts, 15% bone and 10% liver, heart and spleen.

Lean chicken is a source of Omega 6 fatty acids, essential for growth and development and strengthening the immunity system. Chicken also contains B Vitamins needed for skin condition, as well as calcium supporting overall growth, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, muscle building and function, heart health and nervous system.

Analytical Composition: 68% moisture, 15% protein, 13% oil and 4% ash.

A family-owned business committed to the health of dogs; DAF produces minces made with a blend of natural ingredients, with no added flavours, preservatives or colours.  The DAF Dinner range is finely minced, and packaged in sealed, plastic trays that can be easily stacked when frozen.

Chicken Dinner is available as 500G trays and Box of 24 X 500G.

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