Southcliffe Cat – Duck 150g


Single source British duck mince, of which is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

Taurine Content: 165.8/100g

Available as individual 150g brick and 24 X 150g box.

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As cats are a true carnivore, Southcliffe Complete Cat follows the Prey Model Diet, with minces made with 80% quality meat, 10% raw edible bone and 10% secreting organs (offal).

Feed approximately 2-3% of your cat’s weight daily over two meals. Cats do prefer their raw mince at room temperature. 



Based in Derbyshire, Southcliffe Pet Foods produce all their product ranges from their own factory, using Human Grade Quality raw ingredients sourced from throughout the UK. Packed in easy to use plastic packs, their minces have a moist and textured consistency.