The Dog’s Butcher Duck Carcass (Weight Ranges 0.7G to 1.3KG)


Locally sourced duck carcass from free range birds.

Single carcass with a weight variance between 0.7G and 1.3KG.

Always supervise the eating of bones.

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Typical analysis per 100g: Water 53.1, Protein 14.5, Fat 23.1, Ash 4.7, Fibre 1.3

With headquarters in picturesque Devon, The Dog’s Butcher produces premium quality, ethically sourced, British raw dog food. With a commitment to animal welfare, ingredients are traceable and sourced from trusted suppliers, all poultry products are free range, and where possible, ingredients are locally sourced from near The Dog’s Butcher headquarters.

Made with passion, The Dog’s Butcher range is variety packed and includes complete 80/10/10 minces, non-complete minces, as well as meaty chunks and bones.

The Dog’s Butcher range of meaty bones and chunks are part of their philosophy of “nose to tail nutrition” – meaning feed a variety of animal parts for your dog’s optimal nutrition

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Weight 1 kg