TRF Beef & Liver 1KG


Beef and Liver mince is boneless and contains 90% beef and 10% liver. Combining both muscle and organ meat, this protein rich mince is a flavourful non-complete meal and a perfect base for DIY raw recipes.

Beef contains essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins important for healthy joints and muscle development, as well as a source of energy. Liver, an offal, is one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin A, which aids digestion, keeps the reproductive organs healthy and is a powerful antioxidant. Liver is also extremely rich in copper, iron, folate and vitamin B12, which are central to the health of the nervous system.

The Raw Factory minces are textured, moist (not wet) and retain their shape when defrosted. Even when frozen, the minces break apart conveniently into portions. Minces move easily within the packaging, allowing for flexibility in refrigeration and storage, as well as ease of defrosting.

Available as individual 1KG sealed plastic bags and Box of 8 X 1KG.

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